Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#1 Silicone BBQ Cooking Gloves Review - NIM Products

Are you an outdoor (or indoor) cooking enthusiast? If so, you’ll definitely want to invest in a pair of these BBQ silicone cooking gloves - they’re only $19.97 (including free shipping) so that’s not even that much of an investment, especially when you consider how awesome these heat resistant, multi-functional cooking gloves actually are.
High Quality Material And Safety Assurance
Manufactured by NIM Products, these BBQ cooking gloves are made with pure silicone, food grade materials (BPA-free) that are FDA approved and deliver the best protection you could possibly need to avoid burning your hands (you know, like most of us end up doing with kitchen mittens and pot holders). They're also durable enough to stand up to tasks like handling ice or cutting meat and insulate your hands from both intense heat and cold.
BBQ Silicone Cooking Gloves vs. Conventional Potholders and Mitts
The flexibility and overall protection conventional potholders and mitts provide is minimal, with a significant drawback being that your hands get sweaty, not only making your hands feel uncomfortable but affecting the possibility of a secure fit. With BBQ silicone cooking gloves your fingers can move naturally and, combined with the glove materials, eliminates excess moisture. In addition, these silicone gloves are water proof and non-stick. If you enjoy cooking, you know how important it is to feel mobile in the kitchen and you won’t achieve optimal flexibility by wearing oven mitts or pot holders.
Special Features
Heat Resistant for up to 425 °F
These gloves are designed to withstand heat (up to 425 °F) from campsite grills to cooking stoves. The innovative technology applied to the engineering of these silicone BBQ gloves makes it possible to handle hot off the BBQ grill foods and keep you from burning your hands on pot handles or hot, right out of the oven, baking cookware That's a huge benefit if you ask me!
Convenience of Use and Easy Cleaning
The unique design of the gloves makes it easy to slip them on and off and they’re available in a “fits most” size. The gloves are also odor and stain resistant and easy to clean; you just rinse them with soapy warm water or better yet, you can just stick them in the dishwasher.  These innovative cooking gloves are also perfect for multi-purpose use thanks to their “firm grip” design.
Made With Your Health In Mind
These BPA free gloves are made with pure silicone materials and have passed the FDA food safety tests. In other words, while using these gloves you’ll never have to worry about food related health hazards again.
Money Back Guarantee
The people behind this product certify the durability of these BBQ silicone cooking and offer a  no risk purchase, money back guarantee if for any reason you find them less than then satisfactory.

In Conclusion
These BBQ silicone cooking gloves are designed to let you do just about anything in the kitchen, on the camp ground, heck, even cleaning house or in the shed, working on your special projects.  Everything can be easier and safer with these high quality cooking (and canning) gloves. For me, they’ve become one of the most important, family “Chef” tools in my kitchen.