Sunday, August 31, 2014

# 1 BBQ Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves On Amazon-NIM Products

NIM Products BBQ Gloves On Amazom
Oven mitts have been a part of our backyard BBQ grill for many decades and have not really changed much over the years. However, there is a new product on the market that promises to revolutionize how we protect our hands from the heat and the hot foods we enjoy from our outdoor grill.
Heat resistant silicone gloves are now making their way onto the marketplace, offering a more flexible alternative to traditional oven mitts. Made for outdoor cooking and indoor cooking, silicone gloves represent a new approach in heat protection.
The Features of Silicone BBQ Gloves for Cooking
There are a number of features that these particular gloves offer for those who are searching for an alternative to traditional, fabric-based oven mitts.
Heat Resistance: The silicone oven gloves are designed to resist the heat from stoves, ovens and BBQ grills up to 425F degrees.
Solid Grip: The gloves allow for a solid grip of cooking tools, plates and even food when necessary. The texture of the glove’s surface allows for better control in terms of handling small and large objects that are hot to the touch.
High Quality Materials: The heat resistant silicone gloves not only protect your hands from the heat, they are also BPA-free which means that they will not contaminate the food if touched.
Custom Sizes: These heat gloves are one-size fits most hands allowing them to prevent burns to the hands and are easy to clean as well.
The Pros & Cons of the Silicone Gloves
There are naturally strong advantages to using these gloves over traditional fabric oven mitts. In fact, many people have voiced their preference for this type of breakthrough when it comes to handling hot items.
Easy to Clean: Unlike oven mitts which can be stained and difficult to fully clean at times, the heat resistant silicone gloves have a thick, smooth surface which cleans very easily. In fact, washing them off with water will get rid of most food particles and stain-creating materials.
Precision Grip: Oven mitts can be a bit clumsy at times when handling large items or cooking tools that require a precise grip. The silicone oven gloves however are shaped to the hand and fingers, making it much easier to carefully grip all types of items.
Full Protection: Unless something gets underneath the gloves, it becomes very difficult to burn the hands. This is especially true with hot water or liquids that can penetrate the fabric of oven mitts. With the silicone gloves the hands stay protected.
However, despite all the advantages the silicone BBQ gloves for cooking may not fit very small or very large hands comfortably which may be an issue with some people. Otherwise, these gloves are quite remarkable given what they do.
Overall, it must be stated that the silicone heat resistant gloves do more than advertised by fully protecting the hands while handling hot cooking utensils, tools, plates and even foods. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking and provide a comfortable feel and a firm grip as well.


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